Root Liberty 110 Wheels


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From coast-to-coast, the United States of America has proven to be an invaluable comrade to the Root Industries empire – and it’s about time that this union is celebrated. Behold the all-new Liberty Wheels lineup, a series of high-quality wheels made in the land of the free & the home of the brave. 

With urethane hand-poured in the U.S., combined with Root Industries’ proven core design, the Liberty wheel has every bit the quality of the top U.S.-made wheels – at a more affordable cost. Attractive appeal and resilience – tested by some of the scootering industry’s top riders – makes this patriotic product a must-have for any fan of the red, white, and blue – and any other scooter rider, for that matter! There’s no going wrong with these high-quality, lower-cost pieces of art.



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