North Scooters Horizon XL 7″ Wide Matte Black

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The Horizon deck is back again in an all-new XL version.

Coming in at 7.0” wide, this is the Widest deck to ever hit the market, whether you’ve got size 13 shoes, want to 50-50 everything, or are simply feeling a little crazy this deck is probably for you. We designed a unique footplate with rounded edges to help with clearance issues. The Horizon XL 7.0 is also built with some added material for strength yet remains relatively lightweight for its size. And if you needed some extra peace of mind, Tutty put this deck to work over the summer and had zero issues. Topped off with clean colorways as well as nice simple graphics, the Horizon XL looks as good as it feels. The 7.0 wide was bound to happen sooner or later, here’s us giving the people what they want.


7 X 23, 7 X 23.5


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